Upcoming Travel Dates

As part of my upcoming travel dates, I will be visiting Kettering (Birmingham area), Kent (London area) and Manchester with my Slave Mila. I will be offering solo BDSM sessions and double D/s sessions with my Slave where you can dominate her alongside me or be dominated alongside her by me.

5 – 7 April, Kent

For my second set of upcoming travel dates, while I am in Kent, you can have a dominatrix session with me alone, or choose to indulge in a double dom session with me and Lady Amber. Additionally, I will offer D/s sessions with my Slave Mila and it is possible to see me, Lady Amber and Slave Mila all at the same time. We offer leather fetish, roleplay, cp, bondage, worshipping, BDSM, slave training and tickling.


9 April, Manchester

In Manchester, I will be offering solo dominatrix sessions, as well as double dom sessions with Princess Aurora. We offer sissification, roleplay, cp, bondage, worshipping, BDSM, slave training and tickling.


Further Upcoming Travel Dates

If you are unable to see me at the above dates but would be interested in seeing me in a specific location at another time, please reach out on the booking page and let me know. I will add your contact details to a list of contacts so I can reach out to you next time.

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