The House of Elixir

Loyalty always pays off, especially when it comes to my Subs. I truly value your submission and devotion to Me. 

Of course it’s not surprising to assume that the more you trust someone and get to know them, that you can explore further and allow yourself to open up to new experiences. Time is the key to building a deep bond. You cannot force a flower to blossom. 

The bond between a Dominant and a Submissive is a very deep bond where there are secrets and experiences that only we will truly understand. 

And I feel like that should be cherished and celebrated. If you see Me on a regular basis and take your journey as a submissive with Me seriously, then you are rewarded for that devotion. I may decide to choose you as one of the few lucky ones to be inaugurated into the house of Elixir, and you will be given a special dog tag for your collar. 

Why do I call it the House of Elixir? Because with Me, under my care, and on your knees, you have come to feel at home. The tag for your collar is a mark of your devotion and will mean that you will get priority over the other subs and that we may occasionally go out for a drink together, to a fetish event, a nice dinner, or a walk after our sessions sometimes.

Please do note, that this does not mean that I will have you as a literal house slave in the dungeon (I do not own the premises) or in My actual home. It is a mark of devotion, and will mean that you will have priority over My other sub clients and maybe, if you are particularly well behaved some social time together to get to know each other more. 

See you again soon,

Your Much Loved,

Domina Roxy Elixir.