Sensual, Sadistic Dominatrix

Always polite and charming, my demeanour will have you at My beck and call.

I shall draw you into My world with My warmth, intoxicate you with My power and attentively guide you.

My role as your conscientious Superior is one I take to heart. The care and wellbeing of My submissives is important to Me.

I thoroughly enjoy sharing erotic fantasies where you reveal yourself to Me, completely and entirely giving yourself to me. Let go and forget the world outside of us, while you are with Me.

You will feel yourself slipping deeper into submission. Learn your place beneath Me as you are educated to respond to My every word and gesture.

As you do so, I will be there, smiling in the face of your most depraved fantasy.


The bondage feels tight, as you begin to feel exactly what you crave, for as long as I allow it. I will tease you till you feel like you are going to reach orgasm, but you need to ask Me for permission first.


By letting Me tie you up, you’re allowing Me to be in control of your pleasure. Tie and tease is one of My favourite pastimes and one I consider to be an art. I enjoy watching you struggle against your bonds or wriggle in your confinement.

I smile inwardly as I play with the keys around My neck. I have the power, you are at My mercy. Personally tailored arrangements can be discussed. Keyholding arrangements can be made involving personal supervision or can be managed remotely by video/image messages to ensure your compliance


I can train you through: enforcing protocol, corporal punishment, feminine transformations, pet play training, chastity, tease and denial, bondage, predicament and more. How I will shape you will depend on what you wish to become for Me.

Learn more about The House of Elixir.

Allow yourself to explore something taboo with Me and open up boundaries that cannot be crossed in real life. Escape from reality and spend some time lost in your fantasy where you are not in control and must surrender to the Me.

I like to see you suffer for Me. The kiss of My single tail, the crack as it strikes your flesh is music to My ears. Whether a light flogging leaving no marks, to the more severe punishment that leaves reminders. I can tailor your session to your limits and preferences. Aftercare is always part of the service.


Right between your legs, that’s the soft spot isn’t it? And it’s so much fun to play with it. That’s when My sadistic side really takes over.

I’m a fetishist, a lover of aesthetics. I enjoy looking for glamorous outfits, leather wear, fur, latex and most of all high heels. I really get into leather teasing or a latex dress up session, where I always invite subs to shine My latex before we begin the session.

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