Nurse knows the Medicine you need

One of my recent sessions was a Medfet role play scenario, these kind of role plays always excite me when my client has booked an extended session because it allows us to go deeper into the scene.

I met my client and had a conversation about the scene and the intricacies of the role play whilst giving him a tour of the premises at Maison De Debauch. He was very excited, I saw his eyes dart about the medical suite and brazenly pause upon my red latex dress and medical apron. He was captivated by my tall latex clad body and confident demeanour. I instructed him to remove his clothing and don a hospital gown, by the time I had him strapped down on the medical chair, his erection was obvious through the loose fabric of the gown.

“Nurse will begin to examine you now and administer treatment” – I said with a warm smile and a menacing glimmer in my eyes.

“Of course”- he could only agree.

I began by unravelling a bandage and wrapping it in front of his eyes, he enjoyed the feeling of surprise, this enjoyment made his erection twitch and the anticipation created a very small spot of wet on his gown. I then proceeded to open the poppers and give him some ‘medicine’ before starting the electric treatment. The e-stim pads were placed upon his nipples and he began to feel the energy incrementally soar through the power of the electrics. As I leaned over him, I placed one leg on each side of the stirrups so he could feel my pussy through my clothes.

“Are you enjoying this nurse? Your pussy is very warm”

“I always enjoy seeing my patients feel better under my care”

-More medicine is administered-


The violet wand slowly made its way around the upper half of his body and quickly passed by his his most excited appendage. It was time to ramp things up a little.

The next dose of medicine was Nos gas, which was administered through a mask, as he inhaled deeply, I teased and squeezed his nipples till his toes curled.

This patient needed more medicine. I could tell. Poppers were in order.

I put the poppers onto the bottom of the gas mask and held the breathing tube to my latex clad nipple and told him to suck. The breath play was simple, he wanted to be close to my nipple and choose it over breathing properly.

More Medicine was intermittently administered with electric shock therapy and sounding.

When it came to the climax of the session, he really didn’t last long when I started to milk him. He came all over his hospital gown. I was delighted with the results of my treatment.

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