Tie and Tease

I love to tease, I’m sure everyone knows that. There’s a very special kind of erotic energy that fills the room when I have someone bound and at my mercy. 

As a very sensual and sadistic Dominant, restraining a submissive is one of my favourite things to do. When you are bound, it’s just us; the world fades away and a sense of presence takes over. 

There is a focus, completely between us. Where the expectation and release are tied together with touch, toys and words softly spoken. If the focus is on pain, pleasure or a mixture of the two, there is a longing, and that’s where I really feel connected in session. 

Once a Submissive is undressed, I like to have them kneeling in front of me. To mark the beginning of the power play, a collar is the symbol which represents the shift in power. Once you have the collar around your neck, I like to run my fingers through your hair and softly speak into your ear, look into your eyes and watch you melt under my fingertips. 

Then comes the bondage. Which flavor will it be today? Leather, latex, suspension, tied down to the bench, on the gyno chair…? This is your fantasy. Nice and tight, held by the bondage and liberated in your willingness to pursue this desire. 

Let the games begin. A zap of electrics, a caress of a flogger, the impact of my hand, the suction of the milking machine, the softness of a feather, the vibrations of the doxy. Maybe something different, maybe you want me to take your breath away, and control your breathing? Certainly, I love some breath play. 

Assured, and safe in my hands, we smile as the excitement builds.

Do you want to come? Ask permission first. 

These are the kind of sessions I really love; to have fun and put the rest of the world on pause, as we explore your desires, your limitations and your submission. 

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