Slave Training

What will it take for you to learn the correct way to behave? You need to learn how to serve Me. You require Slave Training.

A good slave will know their manners, how to carry themselves, how to respond to commands and to hold themselves with grace and dignity. 

I am not interested in messy, dirty, foul mouthed or cowardly submissives. Those under My care will learn the correct way to hold themselves. I am prepared to educate you. Are you ready to learn? 

I am strict but fair. You will want to push yourself to Impress Me. For the rewards are worth the struggle, and My approval is pending. 

I will ask you to be clean, well dressed, eloquently spoken, well behaved and to let yourself go so you can be shaped and moulded into the perfect slave. 

So, what kind of Slave will you become for Me? A maid, a pet, a servant, a butler, human furniture, ashray… Your imagination really is the limitation in deciding how useful you can become for Me. 

I can train you through: enforcing protocol, corporal punishment, feminine transformations, pet play training, chastity, tease and denial, bondage, predicament and more. How I will shape you will depend on what you wish to become for Me. 

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