Lady Amber London Sep 21

I travelled down to London for a week to spend some time living it up at fetish events in the big smoke, and of course to visit my old friend Lady Amber. We have been long term friends since she visited the old Glasgow dungeon and we bonded over our love for leather and bondage.

It had been a long time since my last visit to see her in Kent, so it was long over due. I arrived with more than I could possibly carry, so I had my slave Mila carry the bags of camera and lighting equipment, as a slave she does not need much to wear, as she is, of course usually nude, unlike myself who must always take an outfit for every occasion, this occasion, of course was all about the leather.

I made myself comfortable in the dungeon, where I would sleep comfortably in a bed, while slave was to sleep in a cage next to me, what an honour it was for her.

That day, we got to work straight away producing media. Amber is very much fond of tickling, so we started off by filming some promotional material for tickling sessions. The real work was just getting started as far as I was concerned. I was planning a big shoot with Mila and Lady Amber, where the slave was to be completely encased in 6 layers of leather bondage (video here). But, of course, a shoot for Carnal productions takes time and planning, so I spent that evening drawing up a storyboard for our big shoot.

The next day before I departed to London to attend club Verboten, Lady Amber invited one of her submissives round to the dungeon to make a small film. This included CP, caning, whipping and of course, a leather gimp. Icarus was in charge of the filming that day, for I had to feature in the film. It was a labour intensive day, but worth my while, as Mila suffered for my sadistic desires. She endured a very harsh whipping, I was so hungry for blood that I kept going without demanding a count, I wanted her to lose herself in her devotion to me and the pain she took for my pleasure.

I returned to Kent after a few days of socialising in London and attending Verboten. I was eager to get to work and film my leather fantasy I had so carefully planned. The shoot went by like a dream. I had so many lights it could have blinded you, for I wanted to showcase the shine of the leather. I had a submissive instructed to hold a moving light and follow my camera movements to further light up the leather. Layer by layer, Lady Amber encased Save Mila in tight leather, seducing the camera, and electrifying the room with her erotic energy. It was like watching a master at work, as we all remained transfixed on the leather.


The following days flew by in a flurry of Slaves, gimps and photographs. Until, finally, it was time for my birthday celebrations and our attendance to Club Pedestal. The club was full of perverts, myself included. I watched slaves and submissive men go by as I fantasised about kicking them in the balls till they cry and simultaneously come. I wondered what their face would look like in agony and ecstasy.

Most men there just wanted to lick my boots and worship me with one male proclaiming he wanted to die under my boots. What a disappointment. There was however one house slave who caught my eye, he was polite, and well versed in the correct etiquette and protocol. I chose him as my lucky victim. He was not into cbt but I excused it and we had a conversation regarding his likes and limits. The mood was set, eyes were upon us as I tied him standing up against a post and showed off my flexibility as I lifted my leg high up to his tongue. I allowed him to lick from the heel of my boot to the top of my thigh and then scratched him with my sharp and pointed nails, he smiled as I choked him and thanked me when I hit him. What a good boy.

Our trip to London and stay In Kent was coming to a close. I was sad to leave my good friend Lady Amber and sad to have to walk away from her leather hoods, which were, so much fun.

If you wish to see me in London or Gravesend, do not hesitate to ask during my next tour, if you enquire for a different date, I may be keen to schedule in another trip due to popular demand.

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