A scent of Leather

An old regular of mine contacted me in regard to arranging a session with myself and Mistress Scarlet where the highlight would be leather. On the day of our session, my client promptly arrived on time, eager to become cocooned in layers of soft leather.

Through with formalities, we closed the door in the dungeon. I clicked my fingers and pointed to the floor, obediently he knelt in submissive position. I stroked his hair and pulled him close to me.

“Sniff my leather, you know what a scent of leather smells like. As I tower over you, and hold you close to my skirt, I’m sure there are scents you enjoy”

On his knees, he remained as myself and Scarlet teased him with our leather. Scarlet began setting up for the suspension as I moved across the room picking out items of leather for him to enjoy upon his skin. Finally, I selected the heavy straight jacket. I held it in front of him and his arms glided inside, finding the new skin, in which he would become blissfully bound. He hugged himself as I pulled the straps through the buckles, tight and secure. The suspension rig was ready. We moved him into the middle of the room and offered him a leather gimp mask, for which he was grateful. He agreed to be blindfolded while we rigged him up to the suspension frame.

As we turned the handles he began to lift off the floor. Higher and higher he went in full leather bondage. His senses completely at our mercy.

“You have nowhere to go leather gimp”

“I’m all yours Mistress.”


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